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We recognize the value and contributions of community partners in our students’ academic experience and seek to develop meaningful relationships with community partners.

Meet our community partners:

We received generous funding through the ACCESS & CONNECTIVITY initiative-Connecting Minority Communities and is a pilot program meant to inform and promote participation in the LITERACY & TRAINING initiative-Broadband Equity, Access & Deployment (BEAD).

Be a Partner


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The Los Angeles region consists of Los Angeles and Orange counties. It includes the CSU Chancellor’s Office, CSU Dominguez Hills, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State LA and CSUN. Collectively, these campuses had a direct annual spend of $5.4 billion in 2019.​


For every dollar spen​t by the LA area CSU campuses, $1.52 dollars of positive economic activity is generated in the state.


For every dollar the state invested ​in LA CSU campuses, $5.97 in statewide spending is generated. 


When the impact of enhanced earnings of CSU alumni from the Los Angeles campuses is included, for every dollar the state invested in these campuses, the total spending impact increases to $29.54.​

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