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How we engage community partners

California State Dominguez Hills offers organizations the opportunity to be part of a growing, trusted network of partners on a mission to strengthen digital equity, invigorate community engagement, and help uplift our communities.


Get in touch and share information about your organization, your impact and what interests you about Digital Equity.


Introductory Meeting

We'll arrange an introductory meeting to assess strategic alignment and approach to collaborate with Cal State Dominguez Hills


Offer & Onboarding

We make an offer and send you a contract to start shaping digital equity together.

  • Have a network of contacts and/or current clients in the public sector;

  • Share CSUDH's values and mission (learn more);

  • Have experience with, or good knowledge of, community engagement processes;

  • Are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise;

  • Have previous experience in digital literacy or working with online platforms and tools (preferable, but not essential).

You’d be a great Value Added Partner if you:

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